AMV League - Season 5 (2018-2019) - ENTER YOUR AMVS!

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AMV League - Season 5 (2018-2019) - ENTER YOUR AMVS! Empty AMV League - Season 5 (2018-2019) - ENTER YOUR AMVS!

Post by Magicflier on Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:19 pm

Direct Link to the official site:
AMV League is basically a yearly event where a bunch, AND I MEANT A BUNCH, of conventions come together and host their AMV contests under the "same flag". The rules are simple if you want to join, and it's really easy to join with the submission form. First, I'll write out the important points you need to know first:

- Any convention AMV contest under 'AMV League' follow the same criteria, same rules. So you don't have to re-read rules over and over.......... and over.
- You can only enter 1 AMV into 1 AMV contest under 'AMV League'. Enter once, and you can't enter it in any other AMV contest under 'AMV League'. One chance, and that AMV is out!!
- If you win a "Best ?????" something like "Best Drama" or "Best Overall". Any "Best ?????" will give you the right to move to an event called "AMV League National Championships". It's basically an AMV Contest made up of winners from various AMV contests. If you win, you win nicely. ~

Currently, AMV League is on Season 5; so the 5th year. Enter your AMVs if you have confidence! Or if you just want to keep special! :'D

the link is here:

There are other smaller details, so you can go to the links to find out if you really are interested in entering. Something like the Western and Eastern Divisional Championships to lower the number of entries, before the coordinators move onto the Nationals for the last set of AMVs.
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