Take a seat, pick a drink: Saika is here to serve.

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Take a seat, pick a drink: Saika is here to serve.

Post by Saika on Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:39 pm

Hello everyone <3

I'm still pretty new so I figured an introduction would be a good call. Well then:
I go by the Name of Saika, my real Name is Steff.
(Actually Stefanie but don't you dare call me that.)

23y old bartender, so I may be drunk whenever joining a voicechat. or chat. or while edting. just in general expect me to be drunk.

I'm really happy to be here! I've started editing quite some time ago as xHikariNeko,
had a break of a long time due to critic health condition.
Saika is back since start of this year - still got a lot to learn though. XD

My favourite Animes are: Bleach, Kanon, Darling in the franxx, 07-ghost, erased, pandora hearts, magus bride,...
actually anything that makes me cry salty tears of sadness. and yuri. all of the yuri.
favourite online games atm: DOTA2 ; Guild Wars 2 ; League of Legends cause nutrition is important

that's me.
gg ez.
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